Floor Plan Rendering Toolkit (Photoshop)

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Do you wish to present your floor plans the same as above? Then you’re in the right place!

This Photoshop Toolkit consists of a lot of features designed to speed up your floor plan rendering process. It uses Adobe Photoshop’s Actions to automate the process with only ONE CLICK!

Before buying this product, make sure to have:

  1. Basic knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop (basic selections, masking, and layer styles/blending options)
  2. Preferably the latest version of Photoshop (CC 2015-2022 versions work too!)

FULL TUTORIAL HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-pFZBmQdxA

Take note:

  1. Works best in 1:50 - 1:200 MTS Scale Drawings. Larger or much smaller scales may need adjustments in the layer's settings.
  2. Recommended Canvas Size: A3, ARCH D (Any paper size works, as long as you edit them in High-Resolution)
  3. You'll get a .ZIP File. Make sure you have a ZIP Extractor (Winrar/7zip).

If you’re hesitant about this product, make sure to read the product guide manual and decide for yourself!


(Also check the preview images above)

Option 1: Photoshop Base Actions

  1. 25+ Photoshop Actions (.ATN Files)
    • 10 Wall Styles: 4 Plain Wall Styles, 3 Hatched Wall Styles, and 3 Cross-hatched Wall Styles
    • 5 Column Styles: White, Black, Grey, and 2 Red Columns.
    • 3 Dynamic Shadows: 10px, 50px, and 80px dynamic shadows.
    • 4 Non-dynamic Shadows: 45deg, 135deg, 225deg, and 315deg Shadow
    • Window Rendering
    • Other Shortcuts
  2. 4 Photoshop Brushes (Window Lights)
  3. Product Guide Manual (PDF)

Pros: Cheap, All necessary actions are included.

Cons: No materials (Photoshop Patterns - you need to find your own materials online), No Library of Layer Styles, Uncustomizable.

Buy this if:
You have your own library of materials.
You don’t need the other features.
Best for Monochrome Renderings.

Option 2: Full Toolkit Package

You’ll get the full features of the toolkit.

  1. Full Library of Photoshop Layer Styles (.ASL File)
    • All layer styles used in the making of the Photoshop Actions (25+ Pre-made Layer Styles)
  2. 70+ HQ Seamless Materials (.PAT File)
    • 35 Wood Floorings
    • 5 Concrete
    • 12 Floor Tiles
    • 10 Carpet Floorings
    • 5 Marble
    • 12 Outdoor Materials
  3. 8 Photoshop Brushes (Window Lights)
  4. 50+ Photoshop Actions (.ATN Files)
    • 17 Wall Styles: 5 Plain Wall Styles, 6 Hatched Wall Styles, and 6 Cross-hatched Wall Styles
    • 10 Column Styles: White, Black, Grey, Red, and Blue Columns. (different variations)
    • 3 Dynamic Shadows: 10px, 50px, and 80px dynamic shadows.
    • 8 Non-dynamic Shadows: 45deg, 90deg,135deg, 180deg, 225deg, 270 deg, 315deg, and 360deg Shadows
    • Window Rendering & Window Lights
    • Other Shortcuts

Pros: A library of Photoshop Patterns, Customizable layer styles & materials, more Photoshop Brushes, and All Photoshop Actions are included.

Cons: None that I can think of. ;p

All products made by Archivo are self-made and uniquely crafted by John Angelo Ocampo (@jhnocampo). Credits and attributions are not required but are appreciated. Tag @jhnocampo and use #archivoproducts in your posts!

Need help? Please contact: help.archivo@gmail.com


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You’ll get a Single-Use license upon purchasing this product. This means that you can use the product for personal and commercial projects. Distribution of this product unlicensed to other people is prohibited, this is only for Single-Use.

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Violating these terms and agreements would result in a possible blacklist and ban from all of Archivo's products.

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In the Toolkit Package, you'll get the following files:

Photoshop Layer Styles
1 .ASL File
70+ HQ Seamless Materials
1 .PAT File
50+ Photoshop Actions
8 .ATN Files
8 Photoshop Brushes
1 .ABR File
Product Manual Guide
1 PDF File
File Size (.ZIP)
2.5 GB


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Floor Plan Rendering Toolkit (Photoshop)

28 ratings
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